Friday, May 6, 2016

Quick update- Science progress!

Hi All--
  A few quick science updates from Erich in the field:

They has a great day yesterday, drilling to 20 meters smoothly, and running radar out to 30 km to the east of camp 1.  They also ran the FMCW and multi-offset radars in a pattern around the core site, to characterize the site.  At the farthest point east, they measured albedo and density in a shallow pit, and returned following a Operation IceBridge flight line (different from the one they followed on the way out).

Today, they plan to deepen the core to 30 meters, and run all of the radars to the west (as I type I see they are close to 30 km to the west). 

Erich's closing message sums up how the team feels a few days into the traverse, having worked out some of the kinks of traveling with thousands of pounds of gear and trying to collect data with delicate instruments:
 "Feel like we have our feet under us."

Well said.   Stay tuned- keep an eye on the breadcrumb trackers to watch where our team goes!

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