Monday, May 2, 2016

2 May 2016- second day on ice!

Just off the satellite phone with Erich from Raven, where the team was inserted with a LC-130 Hercules Saturday.  After setting up a temporary camp, part of the team took a shakedown run up to the first core site yesterday, getting a feel for the conditions and how the sleds pulled.  They brought about 3/4 of the cargo to the first core site, and then returned to Raven.  All in all a good shakedown. 

Still getting instruments up and running, but Erich reported the laser surface profiler and GPS units are working, and configuration of the radars are underway. 

All are in good spirits and ready to head to core site 1 tomorrow!  Stay tuned to the breadcrumb tracker to watch their progress. 

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