Friday, June 23, 2017

From the Beany Eyed Perspective of Mr. Monkey

I am a stuffed lion sent across the Greenland ice sheet to deliver love and kisses to those brave traversees in deep need - named, Mr. Monkey. As the only Mr. Monkey to traverse Greenland I faced the vast sastrugi, lion bearded, yet soft with a heart on my sleeve.

Catching a Snooze after a long Day's Traverse
When perched on the handle bars of the survey ski-doo I would take point and navigate the route, often obscuring Tate’s view of the GPS screen. He would follow my heart, never breaking it, but breaking the trail with five Radars and Forrest’s Pod following.

Mr. Monkey nestled with Karina on Route
Forrest grew ever fond of my heartfelt sentiment. He did often hide his affects behind a hard mountain exterior; as the weeks when by he did grow softer. After his snowmachine broke down, Forrest would ride in his pod during our camp moves. I was glad to comfort him in the pod on these days as Karina rocketed across the hard surface often airborne with Forrest and I in tow. After this painful, cavernous experience, I sat upon Karina’s bars to yield her pace and obscure her GPS, so my love and guidance could radiate through the traversing sleds and the caboose carrying Forrest.

Well Traveled Monkey Packed for Flight aboard the LC-130

During the after dinner dance parties, I am animated by my dance partner. Swinging my heart side to side like a lighter during the slow jams or isolating my head with the ever smooth neck dance. Can-can, can you do the can-can, I can-can, with my red glittered paws kicking.


Mr. Monkey

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