Tuesday, June 7, 2016

On the Nomenclature of T8: The Birth of a NickName

Early in every trip, nearly immediately, slang names of Tate are created. This follows me however, and where-ever. Perhaps in egocentricity, I receive a particular amount of Nick-Naming. Spud, Tater, TaterSalad, DarthTater, T8. I wonder how the man named Nick reckons with Nick-Naming.

Many of these names I receive often, or always - Tater-Tot. I like all forms of my name in a saying. A particular name re-birthed on this trip. T'Ocho.

Hugo, my Ecuadorian office mate in Boise dashed the Spanish flavor upon the coder spelling T8, after reading the revolving font of my screen saver, "Windows T8". "Ahhh, T-Eight - Like T-Ocho..."

T'Ocho and Forrest share a tender moment. (photo by Erich Osterberg)

On an isolated landmass -- which speaks little Spanish -- I striped my bomber 2-liter Thermos early in the trip with duct-tape so the crew would recognize this is T8's Thermos, as we are all issued the same stainless flask by CPS. T8 is simple to write with duct tape.

I had stepped out of the kitchen tent onto an evening ice sheet. A moment later Thomas called over to me, "T'Ocho, how about we back up some data?" I was stupefied. Humorous to me, how similar people are, and how simply Thomas must have read "T8" on my Thermos, and thought, "T-Eight, like T-Ocho."

Erich spun a derivative off T'Ocho, Calling me The-Ocho. When "The" is presented before a word beginning with a vowel, the long E sound is pronounced. Though Erich would state The with both long and short pronunciations. He would to say Hey'Ocho, similar to the Spanish T'Ocho. Likely stemming from the indiscernible name callings of his Mother yelling for either him or his brother. "Did she say Hey Rick! Or Erich?"


T'Ocho out.

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