Thursday, April 14, 2016

April 12: Food and Gear Packing!

While Thomas and Gabe were out in Idaho testing the radar equipment, Erich and Karina purchased 1000 lbs of food to prepare for the traverse. While snowmobiling across Greenland, we cannot have any food with us that spoil during the 6-7 weeks, which limits our selection to pretty much just instant oatmeal and Snickers bars. We all spent most of last week packaging and sorting the food into freezer Ziploc bags that will still work with gloves in the cold.

1000 lbs of food before sorting and packing
We had several undergraduates in Erich and Bob's research groups help with the food packing, which allowed the rest of us to pack the 1600 lbs of research gear into various cases. We were able to pack a few boxes of food (mostly candy) that will be dropped at a fuel cache site halfway through our traverse. This will allow us to carry less weight and will re-energize us when we find several boxes of York Peppermint Patties in the middle of the ice sheet.
Scotty helping pack some delicious soup into a Ziploc

We finished packing a total of 2600 lbs of food and gear late Sunday night before dropping it off at the Air National Guard in Scotia, New York, who will fly it to the start of our traverse in Greenland next week.  We even had some spare time to let a five-year old try on some of our equipment. Hope it fits us better that it fit him!

A five-year old child tries on a jacket during the recent Dartmouth Science Day outreach program


  1. This looks like another amazing summer of work and more, Gabe. I just shared the blog link with Redwood Coast Montessori's adolescent program teachers -and Bryan - with the hope there will be interest in following your team's work. Sending all of you some warm, sunny Humboldt weather. Terri

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